Custom-Made Server and Storage Solutions

We build, deliver and support custom-made server and storage solutions for software development firms, cloud-based service providers and other large or data-rich enterprises, all over the world. We take care of your server and data storage solutions so you can focus on your core business.

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Intel Gold Alliance Partner

Our partnership with Intel® allows us to deliver the latest in CPU, GPU and networking technologies with the full support of the World's largest semi conductor manufacturer.

Server Storage Solutions has Intel® Partner Alliance Gold status.

This means we are able provide reassurance that all our Intel supplied products are genuine and have complete warranty support as well as help you find the right solution with our Intel® certified and trained experts.

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  • Build-to-order for Software Development Firms

    Are you looking for a skilled partner to build and brand scalable server and data storage solutions for your software? We deliver and support your solutions all over the world.

  • Custom-Built Solutions for Service Providers

    Are you looking for custom-made server and storage solutions to deliver your cloud services to your customers? We design, build, deliver, and support your solutions worldwide.

  • Custom-Built Solutions for Large Enterprises

    Are you looking for a specific server and data storage architecture to store and process large amounts of data? We design, assemble and ship your solutions worldwide.

  • Optimal Performance

    Our build-to-order servers and storage solutions are specifically tailored to the requirements of your software. We ensure optimal performance of your software, no matter what.

    Because our hardware is designed specifically for use with your software, you will never have to worry about compatibility issues again.

    This way, you and your colleagues can always work effectively and focus on your core tasks, allowing your enterprise as a whole to perform at an optimal level.

  • Configuration Management

    Once a build-to-order solution has been assembled and tested, you can easily place repeat orders in your private webstore. Extra machines are just one click away.

    Every server or storage solution you order will be built to exactly the same specifications, ensuring that it will be perfectly compatible with your software.

    We will make sure that all the parts and components of your machines are in stock, so we can start assembling immediately. This will reduce your delivery time drastically.

  • Extra Services

    We don’t just design and build your ideal server and storage solutions; we also offer a wide array of services to help you provide and support your product to your clients – from professional branding, global delivery and deployment and after sales support.

    This gives your company the time and focus to develop the best possible software for your clients and optimize your profit margins.

  • Worldwide Delivery, Deployment and On-site Support

    Our commitment to you does not stop at designing and manufacturing your hardware. You can count on us to deliver your solutions anywhere in the world, install them and provide continued on-site support.

    We want to unburden you as much as possible, so you can focus on providing the best possible (online) services to your customers.

  • Fast Time-To-Market

    Time is money. It might be a cliché, but it’s also very true, and we are well aware of that. Don’t sweat: We will do our best to assemble and ship your solutions ASAP.

    Although our final delivery time depends on many different factors, we can usually have your system up and running in less than a month.

  • Optimal Service Availability and Performance

    Because our custom-built servers and storage devices are specifically designed for your business, we can assure you that your clients will have the best possible experience with your services.

    Our skilled and experienced assembly engineers design, assemble and support even the most complex systems. Let’s get in touch today and discover your needs.